23 June 2009

An Adult and Kid's point of view

Well. from the title, you might think that
this post will be a weird one.

Well..... IT IS.

Here's the situation

I went to the Bukit Beruang Hair Salon
Named Aiwah

My mom wanted to wash her hair, so i tagged
along after i went back from tuition SKOR A

Now, Here's the deal
There was a mother and a 2 kids come in
while I was waiting.

The mother was so busy sms-ing

The following pictures may seem to be a little
Weird for an adult though.

Try to think like a kid and try not to think


Does this look weird to you? No right?

This one try not to think negative.. !!!!

And for the final picture

Imagine if we did this in school !!!

Well ,that's it about today's post.

See you guys.


1 comment:

dylan said...

i dont find anything wrong with it wei