23 June 2009

An Adult and Kid's point of view

Well. from the title, you might think that
this post will be a weird one.

Well..... IT IS.

Here's the situation

I went to the Bukit Beruang Hair Salon
Named Aiwah

My mom wanted to wash her hair, so i tagged
along after i went back from tuition SKOR A

Now, Here's the deal
There was a mother and a 2 kids come in
while I was waiting.

The mother was so busy sms-ing

The following pictures may seem to be a little
Weird for an adult though.

Try to think like a kid and try not to think


Does this look weird to you? No right?

This one try not to think negative.. !!!!

And for the final picture

Imagine if we did this in school !!!

Well ,that's it about today's post.

See you guys.


11 June 2009

This Post may seem meaningless to you all

I went to a restaurant ,while I was waiting for the food.
I went to the toilet..
This is what I saw

Yee... So dirty and it reeks..

Then above it i saw this

Those who know Malay You'll probably understand.

I prefer hotel toilets. Which is clean everytime

See how clean it is... This is a 3-star hotel toilet anyway..

When I was outside just now...
I smell smoke.. I thought it was a fire..

Instead, It was just my Uncle smoking


That's all for now.. Be sure to keep the
earth clean..


Night Of The Museum 2

I was attracted to take a picture of this one. (don't know why..)

Hi all, its been awhile ever since my last post.

I went to City-Bayview Hotel to attend a dinner of
my Grandmother-in-law 70th birthday

Don't have much to say about that though.
The food there is as usual the hotel standard XD

Look at the ice ^^

Next, I went to Jusco with my sister to catch a movie,
We watched Night At The Museum 2, It was a really
funny movie.

SPOILER: I like how the gladiator run across the grass
to the white house, the best character for me is

That's all for now. Sry for late post..

26 May 2009

Quick Update

Sorry for the slow slow update.. Really been busy now because of Exam Week..

First i would say.. Add Math Is a pathway through hell...

Why is it a pathway? Paper 1 was simple.. but Paper 2 was hell..

This is the front page of it..

the next page was ok

i looked like this when i first seen page 3

then i wonder... is other people
having a hard time doing
this test??

During the test, i wonder about my
wonderful bed...

And my wonderful TV

Without This, i cant sleep

With This I may sleep

After the exam, Everyone rush to Khoo Hock Seng (He set the paper)
and asked him : SIR!! Why so hard...!!!

The only thing he could answer was

: Nevermine one lah. its just the mid year exam..

When i heard that... Could it be that Add math gonna be
more harder than this one?

Those who want to take Add Math, i Suggest you
better be ready for it...

Gotta go now.. Cya...


16 May 2009

My Chemistry Teacher

exams are just around the corner T.T

Now I would like to talk about my Chemistry Teacher, Pn Lian Yoke Peng

She's a teacher who likes to explain using a long way like comparing

For example, she uses 1 pencil to represent one element,she uses 2 pencils to represents a molecule.

I mean its ok sometimes but its kinda boring though...
When she teaches, Its ok but kinda boring because of the explanation..

Its not that i don't like her, Its just that when she explains... She explains it in a long long way..
and wastes times along the way

I realized that she teaches 4sc1 in a good way
but teaches 4sc2 in a boring way..

though i like her teaching its just that my classmates dont like to listen to her...
coz she's kind of boring...

that's my post about her

13 May 2009

Farewell My P.Moral Teacher Cik Farah and Cik Farhana

One month ago.. My P.Moral teacher , Cik Farah has gone back to Kelantan

She came to Melaka to be tested to become a teacher.
When she was here, she was still a trainee

These are all the pictures that was took that day...
Sadly, I'm not in it XD

4Sc1 and 4Sc2 P.moral teacher were from Kelantan, they went back on the same day
Sad Sad....
On that particular day,
the 2 classes were brought together to attend
our teachers farewell..

We all hope that teacher can come back..

See you teacher....

Piano and Drums

I would like you all to watch this video.. Its Awesome!!